Saluting Our Heroes

Mission Statement

Saluting Our Heroes is dedicated to helping Policemen, Firemen, Union workers and Veterans,  all first responders and  all medical personnel. Whatever their loss or their needs, we are there with a helping hand.

In our world, the media  pays more attention to the disaster and the person that caused it than to the first responders. For if they were not there, it would have been much worse.

We see very little about our true heroes that stopped, prevented or kept the situation at a minimum. To protect and serve the fine people of the United States. We  need to spend more time thanking  and saluting our heroes.



Our name says it all. Saluting Our Heroes, from Policemen, Firemen, Union workers and Veterans,  to the Lifeguard on the beach and all medical personnel.

We organize festivals, golf outings, picnics, dinner dances, trips, as well as many other special events, to raise money, to help our first responders  with their needs, as they have helped us 24/7  365 days a year.

Our helping hands may go for a police dog from a small town in need, to a firetruck for a volunteer fire department, to college tuition for a fallen hero’s family member.


Saluting Our Heroes, a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization


(Paperwork being  processed by Darryll Harrison, DH Ventures)

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